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According to her dad, Erin can't do anything right. But when he moves out, Erin gets Kat and a chance to be the winner her dad always wanted.

Erin is used to avoiding confrontations and keeping up appearances rather than facing reality. She wants the other kids at the stable to like her, but know-it-all Lizzy makes her feel just like her dad makes her feel, and Erin finds herself lying and avoiding the others just like always. Kat has to be taken care of, though, and Erin will have a miserable summer if she can't fit in.

Filled with exciting details about barrel and flag racing, pole bending, and bare-back riding, A Horse Named Kat is about horses, friends, family and fitting in.

A Horse Named Kat captures the imagination of children and adults alike. Lauer's work with adolescent children as a professional counselor informs her careful creation of believable characters with realistic coming-of-age issues. This novel won second place at the Oklahoma City Writer's Conference in 2004.